Why lightning protection system is necessary for a "Smart House"?

Lightning, as well as other natural disasters, has a significant impact on people, property, homes and businesses. The popular US site about the real estate RealtyTrac published a report about housing under the name "Natural Disaster Housing Risk Report", which cited statistics that 35.8 million of homes and apartmentsin  the United States are located in areas with high natural hazard risk. Since "Smart houses", equipped with an automated control system of heating, ventilation, burglar alarm, CCTV, etc become more and more fashionable, in this article we would like to reiterate the importance of lightning protection in modern buildings.

smart house
'smart house'

Designers and builders make objects resistant to natural hazards: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires and so forth. But what about lightning? If we set a goal to provide a maximal comprehensive protection of houses and buildings, then for the preservation of buildings we should not lose sight of protection from lightning in the frames of this model. To avoid becoming a victim of the harmful effects of lightning damage of the internal systems of the building and not to spend money on repairs that bring only headaches and costs for services. One lightning strike can carry the discharge voltage up to 100 million volts!

Let us remind, that a lightning protection system is a device made of materials with low resistivity to drain dangerous electric lightning discharge to the ground without affecting the structure of the building or its inhabitants. When there is a correctly designed and installed lightning protection system, damage can be minimized or eliminated. By providing the path of least resistance to a lightning, we can be sure that it won't try to break through the non-conductive building materials such as wood, brick, rubber, etc., provoking fires and even explosions. Read our article to learn how to make external lightning protection correctly. Also, the strength of the electric charge of lightning and intense heat can cause destructive power surge through your home electrical network, burn holes in the gas pipe or disable equipment. Special surge protective devices are created for the protection of the automated systems "Smart Home". It is easy to find a proper device with the help of a manual for the choice of SPD or ready-made solutions for video observation systems, fire alarm, satellite TV etc.

Lightning protection in the house is a kind of insurance against lightning strikes, in order not spend money on the purchase of a new expensive equipment lost due to lightning or power surges. At the same time, in addition to the savings, you get peace of mind and protection for your family, home and valuables.

Designed and timely installed lightning protection at your facility will provide increased security measure, stability and efficiency of the object itself. Calculate your lightning protection system for a smart home, ask our technicians for help. Lightning hit the ground all over the world at the frequency of more than 100 times per second; one should not underestimate the risk of a lightning strike into your object.

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