The ZANDZ Technical Center has received a request to calculate the functional grounding arrangement for the stadium in Sochi. The calculation was made in two ways: conventional calculation and calculation using a software developed by OAO "Energy Institute named after G.M. Krzhizhanovsky" (OAO "ENIN").

Grounding Arrangement for a Football Stadium in Sochi

Initial data:

- soil resistivity:

top layer - 150 Ohm*m;

lower layer - 70 Ohm*m;

- available area: triangle 15 x 7 m.




to calculate functional grounding arrangement with the resistance not exceeding 2 Ohm.



A set of measures to ensure the requirements for the grounding arrangement of a football stadium is based on the following solutions:

  1. Installation of 6 vertical electrodes. Electrodes are combined using a horizontal grounding arrangement.

  2. Steel copper-plated rods D = 17 mm, L = 30 m are used as a vertical grounding arrangement. The thickness of the copper coating is at least 250 mcm.

  3. A steel copper-plated bar 30 x 4 mm is used as a horizontal grounding arrangement. The thickness of the copper coating is at least 70 mcm. Depth is 0.5 to 0.7 m.

  4. Connection to the grounding device is carried out using a GL-10333N clamp.


Ground terminal resistance calculation:

Equivalent resistivity of a double-layer soil:

ρ_экв=(ρ_1∙ρ_2∙L)/(ρ_1∙(t+L-h)+ρ_2∙(h-t)) = 77,6 Ohm;


where ρ_1 is top soil layer resistivity, 150 Ohm·m;

ρ_2 is lower soil layer resistivity, 70 Ohm·m;

h - is top soil layer depth, 6 m;

L is electrode length, 30 m;

t is horizontal electrode depth, 0.5 m;


seasonal ratio is not used.


Vertical electrode resistance::

vertical grounding arrangement

Верт - Vert
Экв - Eq
Ом - Ohm

where    ρρeq is equivalent soil resistivity, 77.6 Ohm·m;

L is vertical electrode length, 30 m;

d is vertical electrode diameter, 0.017 m;

T is depth, i.e. the distance from the ground surface to the ground electrode, 15.5 m;


where     is electrode top depth, 0.5 m.

Electrode depth

Horizontal electrode resistance:

horizontal grounding electrode

Гор - Hor
Ом - Ohm

where    ρ is soil resistivity, 150 Ohm·m;

b is horizontal electrode width, 0.03 m;

h is horizontal electrode depth, 0.5 m;

Lгор is horizontal electrode length, 38 m;


Electrical impedance of the grounding arrangement:

Impedance of the grounding arrangement

Ом - Ohm

where n is a number of sets, vertical grounding arrangements - 6 pcs, horizontal grounding arrangement - 1 pc;

Kutil is utilization rate, 0.45.


Results of the calculations performed by using the software developed by OAO G.M. Krzhizhanovskiy Energy Institute (OAO ENIN):

Calculation results

Панель результатов 1 - Result panel 1
Контур образован набором горизонтальных и вертикальных электродов с координатами, задаваемыми Пользователем - The circuit is formed by a set of horizontal and vertical electrodes with the coordinates set by the User
Сопротивление контура заземления – 1,245 Ом - Grounding circuit resistance – 1.245 Ohm
Напряжение на контуре заземления – 1,25 В - Grounding circuit voltage – 1.25 V
Коэффициент использования контура Ks = 0,4135 - Circuit utilization ratio Ks = 0.4135
Суммарная длина электродов контура – 218,6 м - Total circuit electrode length – 218.6 m
Для отображения информации в окнах просмотра – нажмите клавишу «Просмотр» в интересующем Вас «БЛОКЕ ПРОСМОТРА» - To show information in the views, press “View” button in the “VIEW UNIT” of interest
Повторить расчет - Repeat calculation
Сохранить результаты расчета в текстовом файле - Save calculation results in a txt file
Для выхода из программы – нажмите клавишу «Закончить работу» - Press “Finish work” to exit the application
Закончить работу - Finish work
Горизонтальные электроды - Horizontal electrodes
Просмотр - View
Вертикальные электроды - Vertical electrodes
Просмотр - View
Потенциальные точки - Potential points
Просмотр - View
Добавить точки - Add points
Расчет проведен при следующих параметрах: - Calculation is performed using the following parameters:
Тестовый ток – 1,0 А - Test current – 1.0 A
Глубина заложения контура – 0,50 м - Circuit depth – 0.50 m
Удельное сопротивление грунта – 77,60 Ом.м - Soil resistivity – 77.60 Ohm.m

Estimated resistance of a grounding arrangement is 1,23 Ohm and 1.,45 Ohm, which is less than the required resistance of 2 Ohm.


The location of the equipment is shown in Figure 1.


The list of the required materials based on the calculation results is shown in Table 1.

Functional grounding arrangement for the football stadium located in Sochi

7 м - 7 m
Условные обозначения: - Legend:
- полоса стальная оцинкованная сечением 30х4 мм - Steel zinc-plated bar with cross-section 30 x 4 mm
- зажим для соединения проводников - Clamp for connecting conductors
- Вертикальный заземлитель длиной 30 м - 30 m vertical grounding electrode

Figure 1. Equipment layout.


Table 1. List of needed materials.

Item # Part number Name Quantity, pcs.
1. GL-10021 GALMAR Copper-plated threaded grounding rod (D17; 1.2 m) 150
2. GL-10403 GALMAR Threaded coupling (D17) 145
3. GL-10603 GALMAR Termination (D17) 6
4. GL-10803 GALMAR Guide head for jackhammer attachment (D17) 30
5. GL-10333N GALMAR Clamp for connecting conductor (D17; p. <40 mm; stainless steel) 7
6. ZZ-006-000 ZANDZ Conductive grease 15
7. ZZ-007-030 ZANDZ Waterproofing tape 2
8. ZZ-008-000 ZANDZ Attachment to the hammer (SDS max) 2
9. GL-11075-50 GALMAR Copper-plated strip (30 * 4 mm / S 120 mm²; 50-meter strip bundle) 1

Do you have any questions about the football stadium grounding? Please contact the ZANDZ Technical Center!

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