Product item: ZZ-006-000

The grease / paste is applied to reduce the electrical resistance between the ground rods and the coupler (on average to 10%), and also for an additional protection of ends of rods against corrosion. The paste is also used for the pilot head to facilitate its removal after a rod was buried.

During installation, the paste is applied to the threaded parts (possesses good adhesion).

The paste is not a mandatory element. Its use is only necessary for installation of a grounding device, providing connection of lightning rods. In other cases its use is not justified.

Technical data:

  • dripping temperature: not lower than 90 C °
  • water content: not more than 2%
  • penetration at 25 C °, mm / 10 in the range: 200-300
Total weight: 0,152 kg
Paste weight: 0,100 kg
Height: 200 mm
Width: 60 mm
Thickness: 50 mm

Grease conductive paste

Grease conductive paste-2

Grease conductive paste-3    Grease conductive paste-4


Grease conductive paste-4

Packing format till June 2013.


Conductive grease sketch

Conductive grease sketch



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