ZANDZ Grounding and protection - is a topical internet source dedicated to the organization of modern durable grounding in different climates and soils.

Since 2009 "ZANDZ" - it is also the name of the product, designed to create high-quality grounding devices.

ZANDZ project

The "Grounding and Protection» project (ZANDZ) was launched in 2005. Two years were spent for preparation, during which the experts had been selecting equipment and technologies, which would consider all current knowledge, domestic and foreign experience in the construction and operation of grounding devices.

Meeting with professionals of design organizations and participating in grounding installation the engineers systematized problems the enterprises faced, as well as the specific issues raised in connection with the design features of grounding devices. Extensive factual material about the specifics of the construction of ground facilities, specific characteristics of soils, current rules and regulations, was collected

ZANDZ components

The main components of modular ZANDZ grounding are products of the European manufacturer GALMAR as the only suitable in quality and product range.

Working in accordance with international standards of quality management systems and environment ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001: 2004, confirmed by the international certificate TUV Management Service, GALMAR provides the highest quality of manufactured goods, which allows to GUARANTEE very long lifetime of the devices (from 30 to 100 years) for any installation conditions.

Multiple testing of the elements were carried out to study and confirm that. For example, you can read about some detailed tests for copper coated pins (incl. Video) on an individual page "Coppered steel".

Modular grounding

Modular grounding ZANDZ

Modular grounding ZANDZ - this is a standard solution for all soil types except rocky / ledge rock ground and permafrost.

Modular-pin design of such a conductor allows to carry out installation in record time. Typical installation time - three hours no large-scale construction works are required. Design of the ground conductor takes minimum of space and can be arranged within an existing building (in the basement). Materials and structural elements of ZANDZ ensure consistent electrical resistance for the period of up to 100 years in conventional soils and up to 30 years in aggressive (acid or alkaline) soils.

One of the examples of widespread use of this technology is a special ready-made kit "Grounding in a private house", designed for simple and quick construction of an earthing switch for this type of object.

Electrolytic / chemical grounding

Electrolytic grounding ZANDZ

Electrolytic grounding ZANDZ finds its application in areas with problem soils with high resistivity (Permafrost, rock, sand).

The special design of the ground conductor with a special electrolytic filler and a mixture for filling the near-electrode space allows you to organize grounding with a stable low resistance practically in any environment.

External lightning protection

External lightning protection ZANDZ - is durable, reliable and aesthetic elements for the organization of an effective system of external lightning protection on facilities of different purposes.

The stock list contains lightning rods, holders and clamps for them, made of stainless steel. These elements are designed to be mounted directly on the protected object. 
We also offer detached air terminals of different heights (up to 54 m), made of galvanized steel. This type of air terminals ensures the most reliable protection of various industrial facilities.

Exothermic welding

Exothermic welding ZANDZ - is a modern and reliable method that provides the highest quality contact between two conductors. You get  excellent welds that never weaken, will not rust and have constant resistance.
The corrosion resistance of the connections made by exothermic welding, exceeds commonly used fastening methods (classical welding, bolting).

Exothermic welding does not affect the conductivity of metals, it ensures optimal contact area and durable connection.


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