GALMAR Company - manufacturer of products for construction of grounding and lightning protection of the highest class. It was created in 1969 by the couple Christine and Janusz Marciniak, and up to this day it still is a family company.


Thanks to the technologies developed by the company specialists, that provide possibility of copper covering of rods, steel bars and wire with a minimum 30-year warranty of corrosion resistance - GALMAR outlined the development direction of a new generation of Lightning Protection systems.

Galmar has a huge production base, equipped with the latest technology equipment for manufacturing steel coppered ground electrode systems with a copper layer thickness of not less than 0.250 mm and a capacity of 100 000 units. per month, as well as for the manufacture of steel coppered strips and wire with a layer thickness of not less than 0.07 mm, copper strips and elements for lightning protection and grounding systems.

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All GALMAR efforts are aimed at the achievement of the highest quality of manufactured products. For that purpose, in addition to the production base, the manufacturer disposes a Research Centre of grounding and surge protection (ELPC), consisting of:

  • Laboratory of overvoltages
  • Laboratory of research and analysis of grounding systems effectiveness
  • Laboratory of evaluation of materials' corrosion resistance .

GALMAR Center specialists, supervised by Professor Zdobyslavom Flisovsky, work on the simulation of atmospheric discharges with the use of high voltage pulses generator, take part in the program of fixing atmospheric discharges in Poland, estimate resistivity of soils and active resistance of groundings in a variety of soil conditions, hold chemical assessment of materials used in grounding systems and lightning protection equipment, both in the laboratory and in independent research centers.


GALMAR in Russia

In 2006 GALMAR (Галмар/Гальмар) entered the Russian market through a distribution company "EMAG" (Owner of site). The manufacturer introduced a modular and plug-in depth grounding electrode assembly technology, which had obvious advantages over common methods of grounding construction used in Russia.

GALMAR grounding products assumed three main advantages  (a detailed description of modular grounding):

  • installation of the ground electrode to the depth of more than 30 meters without the use of specialized equipment and a large number of workers (only 1 person needed)
  • electrode service life up to 100 years
  • No welding is used at the assembling

Galmar grounding technology quickly caught on and by 2007 established itself as a convenient and technological method of grounding construction within a minimum area.

The simplicity and versatility of the offered GALMAR method, high quality of products - enables professionals to quickly build a good grounding system on communication and power objects.
The method of a modular ad plug-in pin grounding did not require special knowledge of installers and could be used by completely untrained people (not experts) in the construction of grounding in single family homes and country houses.

GALMAR+   "Grounding on"

As an official distributor of GALMAR in Russia and the CIS countries (except the Ukraine) the group of companies EMAG defined as the main source of information for customers about all GALMAR products.


GALMAR products are used as the main components ZANDZ modular grounding, as the only suitable in quality and assortment.


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