Solution for a complex protection of outdoor video surveillance system against overvoltages

Solution for a complex protection of outdoor video surveillance system
against overvoltages

The complex of measures of outdoor video surveillance system (CCTV) for the protection from surge overvoltages should include protection of both individual cameras and equipment located in the center of the video surveillance (recorders, monitors, etc.). Overvoltage protection must be provided in the power supply circuit and in all signal lines (camera control, etc.).

When selecting protective measures it is necessary to first of all take into account the length of the video surveillance network, oarameters of all the lines, type of the used signal and ground equipment features.

Besides, it is necessary to determine which piece of equipment is in the zone of external lightning protection system and is not exposed to a direct lightning strike, and which - on the contrary, is not protected from such an impact.

All these conditions are the basis for a competent and complex approach to the protection of surveillance systems from surge overvoltages.

Ways of Penetration

Figure 1. Object equipped with a video surveillance system

тХи╨ктХитЦСтХитХЭтХитХбтХд╨РтХд╨Ы тХитЦУтХитХХтХитФдтХитХбтХитХЫтХитХЬтХитЦСтХитЦТтХитХЧтХд╨ЮтХитФдтХитХбтХитХЬтХитХХтХд╨Я – video surveillance cameras

тХи╨╢тХитХбтХитХЬтХд╨ТтХд╨РтХитЦСтХитХЧтХд╨ЬтХитХЬтХд╨ЫтХитХг тХитФРтХд╨УтХитХЬтХитХСтХд╨Т тХд╨УтХитФРтХд╨РтХитЦСтХитЦУтХитХЧтХитХбтХитХЬтХитХХтХд╨Я – central control

тХи╨│тХд╨СтХд╨ТтХд╨РтХитХЫтХитХгтХд╨СтХд╨ТтХитЦУтХитХЫ тХитХЦтХитЦСтХд╨ЩтХитХХтХд╨ТтХд╨Ы тХитХЫтХд╨Т тХитХХтХитХЭтХитФРтХд╨УтХитХЧтХд╨ЬтХд╨СтХитХЬтХд╨ЫтХд╨Х тХитФРтХитХбтХд╨РтХитХбтХитХЬтХитЦСтХитФРтХд╨РтХд╨ЯтХитХвтХитХбтХитХЬтХитХХтХитХг – surge protection device

Major advantages:

  • Individual approach - we are ready to offer a complex technical solution, developed in strict accordance with the configuration of your facility and fully meeting modern requirements in the field of lightning protection and surge protection.

  • Unique characteristics of the SPD - our devices limit the overvoltages up to the maximally safe levels.
  • Easy-to-use two-piece SPDs allow to replace the protection module without shutting the line down and without changing its characteristics.

  • Universal devices allow to combine several types of protection in a single package ; this provides compact placement and cost savings.

1. Protection of CCTV cameras

Selection of devices for the protection of CCTV cameras that transmit a signal over coaxial lines is performed considering the following characteristics of the line:

  • operating tape;
  • maximum voltage of the protected line;
  • maximum signal power;
  • connector used for the connection.

We offer a special device DataPro-Koax-8V-BNC 75 Ohm for the organization of protection of video surveillance systems from surge overvoltages through coaxial transmission lines.

Coaxial line protection

тХи╨│тХд╨СтХд╨ТтХд╨РтХитХЫтХитХгтХд╨СтХд╨ТтХитЦУтХитХЫ тХитХЦтХитЦСтХд╨ЩтХитХХтХд╨ТтХд╨Ы тХитХЫтХд╨Т тХитХХтХитХЭтХитФРтХд╨УтХитХЧтХд╨ЬтХд╨СтХитХЬтХд╨ЫтХд╨Х тХитФРтХитХбтХд╨РтХитХбтХитХЬтХитЦСтХитФРтХд╨РтХд╨ЯтХитХвтХитХбтХитХЬтХитХХтХитХг – surge protection device

If the video surveillance system includes IP-cameras, it is recommended to use the device DataPro RJ45 PoE Alu for their protection.

PowerPro BCD TNS
DataPro RJ45 PoE Alu

Due to the length of signal transmission lines, protective devices should be placed at both ends of each of them (directly by the video surveillance camera and at the input of the central processor at the video surveillance station).

2. Protection of the management and control network

In addition to video signal transmission networks, an overvoltage pulse can get into the video surveillance system through the lines of control and management. Therefore, these networks require reliable protection.

For use in low-voltage networks, we offer a two-piece SPD of MP Series with an interchangeable security module, designed for a rated voltage of 12-24 V. The security module can be removed and replaced without shitting the line down and without changing its characteristics.

Protection of control and monitoring network

SPD name Product item Rated voltage, V
MP 2x2 GDT+12V-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-026 12 V
MP 2x2 GDT+24V-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-027 24 V
MP 2x2 GDT+12V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-040 12 V
MP 2x2 GDT+24V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-041 24 V
MP 2x2 24V-HF ST LE-971-051 24 V

3. AC mains supply protection

A dangerous surge can get into the equipment from the side of AC power, so we recommend installing a combined SPD PowerPro BCD of class 1+2+3 into the main switchboard. One such device is enough to protect equipment in a small building.*

Depending on how you perform grounding of the protective conductor (TN-C-S or TT scheme), you can select one of the devices suitable for you:

TN-C-S scheme TT scheme
PowerPro BCD TNS
PowerPro BCD TNS 25/100
PowerPro BCD TT
PowerPro BCD TT 25/100


* If you have particularly sensitive equipment, it is possible to install additional SPDs of class 3 in the nearest local switchboards or to use SPDs of class 3, built into power outlet.

SPDs for protection of video surveillance systems

PowerPro BCD TNS
Enlarge photo

DataPro-Koax-8V-BNC 75 тХи╨оhm (тХитХЦтХитЦСтХд╨ЩтХитХХтХд╨ТтХитЦС тХитЦУтХитХХтХитФдтХитХбтХитХЫтХитХСтХитЦСтХитХЭтХитХбтХд╨Р)

SPD DataPro-Koax-8V-BNC 75 Ohm is designed to protect sensitive coaxial systems or devices from lightning surges

  • a two-level scheme for "coarse" and "fine" equipment protection carried out by the combination of the gas discharger and diodes;
  • coarse protection is able to drain current of up to 10 kA (8/20 ms);
  • diodes allow to provide low residual voltage;
  • the device is equipped with EMI filter;
  • shielded metal case;
  • Connector of BNC type, "Plug-to-Jack";
  • absolute galvanic isolation of the core and sheath of the cable from the grounding device eliminates the flow of "leveling" currents through the coaxial cable.
Impedance, Ohm
Product item
DataPro-Koax-8V-BNC 75 тХи╨оhm 75 LE-544-340

Enlarge photo

Module MP 1x2 HF ST

Interchangeable security module for a two-part SPD intended for use in high-frequency signal lines. In order to hold measurements or service, a security module can be removed without changing the line resistance, so that the signal level will remain unchanged. The base part may remain in the installation, without the need to make any additional manipulations or disconnect any conductors.

  • Protective circuit for 2 high-frequency signal lines;
  • nominal discharge current per line: 10 kA (8/20 ms);
  • load current of up to 0.5 A;
  • test standard: IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21;
  • category IEC / EN: D1 / C2 / C1 / C3;
  • can be set at the boundaries of LPZ 0B - 2 and higher;
  • is mounted on 35 mm DIN rail;
  • body material: thermoplastic;
  • space required for installation: 17.5 mm;
  • protection level (IEC EN 60529): IP 20.
Rated voltage, V
Product item
MP 1x2 5V-HF ST 5 LE-971-052
MP 1x2 24V-HF ST 24 LE-971-053

PowerPro BCD TNS
Enlarge photo

SPD of class 1+2+3 PowerPro BCD TNS 25/100

A unique combined SPD with a very low limit voltage is intended for the use in three-phase networks with neutral mode TN-S (TN-C-S) with the voltage of 220/380 V,
50 Hz.

Maximum lightning impulse current (10/350 ms): 100 kA
Limiting voltage Up
(not more):
1,0 kV
maximum working voltage: 255 V

You can see a full range of SPDs on the relevant pages of our website.

Individual selection

This example shows only the most probable pathways of surge overvoltages into video surveillance system and describes a general approach to the choice of protective measures and devices.

In case, if your photoelectric installation has different characteristics, you can always contact our technical center and we'll give you a customized solution that will provide complex protection for all of these systems.

The extensive range of the SPDs we offer allows us to choose an individual protection complex that meets all the requirements of reliability and efficiency.

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