How to secure the antenna on the tower from lightning strikes?

There are cases in the design and operational practices, where object protection with conventional (rod) lightning rods can cause unacceptable impacts. The adjusting tower can be taken as an example. The flow of the lightning current adversely affects the antenna mounted on it, as well as electronic components. One lightning strike can deactivate expensive equipment. 

Despite the occurrence of innovative technologies and new electronic devices, their lightning resistance remains unchanged. At the same time, taking into account the need for high-precision work, which a lightning strike can dastroy, as well as the cost of repair and replacement of the damaged equipment, the desire to completely eliminate the threat of lightning becomes evident. The only device that allows you to do this is a dissipation array system.

Installation of a dissipation array system on the tower with the antenna
Installation of a dissipation array system on the tower with the antenna
Верхнее кольцо- top ring
Кронштейн- support
Нижнее кольцо- bottom ring

For complete isolation of the adjusting tower 30 m high with an anrenna from lightning, a dissipation array system of a hemispherical design with the diameter of 4.3 m is used. In order not to garble into the operation of the antenna, a dissipation array ststem is mounted on the base, lifting it to the height of 3 meters above the tower. Weight of the dissipation array system is 77 kg and the base for it - 96 kg. When calculating the load, it is necessary to take into account the necessary changes in the tower design in accordance with the weight of the installed equipment. It may happen that the design will remain the same - it will be very valuable when the object already exists, and the operational need supposes to use a dissipation array system.

This example shows how it is possible to isolate the adjusting tower from lightning. This method of installation of a dissipation array system is not the only one: you can learn other design options on page, and possible application areas are listed on page.

If you have any questions about dissipation array system, the operating principles and methods of protection, please contact ZANDZ Technical center!

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