15th Anniversary of ZANDZ!

15th Anniversary of ZANDZ

ZANDZ 15 лет! - 15th Anniversary of ZANDZ!

Dear friends! Centre for Lightning Protection and Grounding ZANDZ.com has a 15th anniversary!

We have been accumulating knowledge and sharing our experience for 15 years. We have been engaged in developing solutions for lightning protection and grounding for 15 years and improving our skills!

Our website is a location where we have webinars, publish theme articles illustrating the problems and solutions, collect example calculations, accumulate typical lightning protection and grounding designs, and demonstrate stories of using materials and equipment.

Anniversary of ZANDZ! Celebration

Currently, our website contains more than 1,000 pages visited by more than 5,000,000 people. We have conducted over 100 exciting webinars participated by over 12,000 engineers. We have performed more than 10,000 calculations for the facilities of various purpose, architecture, and locations.

Please contact us We will help you in designing reliable lightning protection and efficient grounding!

ZANDZ.com Project Team


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