Dissipation array devices differ in shape and are available for the following cases:

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Hemispherical dissipationarray

device It can be placed on any industrial and commercial structure, including poles, buildings and towers

dissipation array device for parapets

Dissipation array device for parapet

For all commercial and industrial buildings with a flat roof, with a parapet on its edge

dissipation array device For flat roofs

Dissipation array device for flat roofs

For any buildings with a flat roof. It can be used as additional protection for roofs with a parapet dissipation array device

Conical dissipation array device

Taper dissipation array device

For roofs of conical shape and for tanks with domed roof. Mainly used for the storage of petroleum products and flammable substances

dissipation array device for the walls of tanks

Dissipation array device for tank walls

Designed for floating roof tanks used for storage of oil products as well as for combustibles

dissipation array device for chimneys

Dissipation array device for chimneys

Used on industrial chimneys. Corrosion-resistant design is available for such a system

Trapezoidal dissipation array device

Trapezoidal dissipation array device

For use in industrial and commercial buildings with guy ropes. It is effective even when not set to the highest point

Multifaceted dissipation array device

Multifaceted dissipation array device

Multiple use. This option is typically used for power lines

dissipation array device

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