Typical Lightning Protection for Open-Type GDPs

Cabinet gas distribution points (CGDP) are a rather common facility of urban infrastructure and are often located near houses or malls. Sometimes, the ZANDZ Technical Centre receives requests to calculate lightning protection and grounding for such facilities. We have prepared a typical design for the calculation of grounding for an open-type GDP, which can be downloaded as DWG and PDF, and integrated into your design.

In this case, a solution was considered for the external lightning protection system for the GDP located in Orel. The lightning protection of the facility was performed using a standalone lightning arrester 16 m high, which is installed at the distance of 3 m from the facility.

According to the EIC Rev. 7, item 1.7.61, the resistance of the grounding arrangement for repeated grounding is not rated. According to GOST R 58882-2020, item, item, to provide potential equalization, a grounding circuit is created at the distance at least 1 m along the perimeter of the protected facility and at the depth at least 1 m. At the edges of the front part of GDPC and in the connection of lightning arresters, vertical grounding arrangements 3 m long are installed. The design of the facilities' grounding devices conforms to the requirements of RD 34.21.122-87, item 2.26.

You can see the calculation in more details and download the design in DWG and PDF by following the link.

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