For Railroad Facilities Designers

Designing of railroad facilities requires special safety knowledge as well as meeting regulatory standards. In this publication, we have collected available materials related to lightning protection and grounding of railroad facilities. These materials can help gaining useful skills and let know more about design. Moreover, we recommend using tags used in our publications. Using tags, you can easily find any materials on the topic you are interested in.


  • Grounding of railroad facilities. This material is to discuss regulation of electrical safety at the railroad transport and describe general requirements to grounding at the railroad transport. Moreover, example grounding and lightning protection cases are provided for various facilities.
  • Specifics of grounding design at the electrified railroad. The publication describes main regulatory documents in more details. Moreover, it discusses the specifics of railroad transport since grounding design at the railroad facilities is performed using special standards which are often different from those accepted for most types of other facilities.

Typical designs (these materials are interesting in that the ready-made calculation can be downloaded as DWG and PDF and integrated into your design):

Calculation examples:

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