Video of Webinar Choosing SDPs Based on the Task

КАК ВЫБИРАТЬ УЗИП Choosing SDPs Вебинар сороковой - The fortieth webinar
Д.т.н. проф. Э.М. Базелян - Dr. Sc. (Eng.) Prof. E.M. Bazelyan
АО «ЭНИН» Москва - AO ENIN, Moscow

On December 15, the webinar by Prof. E. Webinar "Choosing SDPs Based on the Task" was held. The speaker noted that the designer primarily needs to determine the need for SDPs. Electromagnetic interference from the lightning may be also reduced by other conventional lightning protection means. A high-level specialist must use them. The decision on using SDPs should be technologically and economically feasible. You must clearly understand the task to be performed by the SDPs in a particular electrical circuit.

Watch the details in a video!

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