Webinar Choosing SDPs Based on the Task

Принципы выбора УЗИП исходя из возлагаемой на них задачи - Choosing SDPs Based on the Task

International technically significant smart systems are protected by numerous SDPs, which prevent hazardous effects of electromagnetic field of the lightning. Russian top managers do not demonstrate any special interest to SDPs saying that the probability of storm damage of microelectronics in Russian systems is very low. Since common nature of the lightning has been definitely proved by several generations of scientists, we have to think about differences in opinions and interests of technical managers. In this regard, it is much more difficult to deal with them than with the lightning.

SDPs of modern design have surely proved themselves as an efficient protection means from irreversible damage of microelectronic equipment in the storm environment. An important feature of using SDPs is that they are installed directly into the protected circuit. Their mere presence alters electrotechnical parameters of the circuit. These changes are often not allowable (e.g. changes in the frequency characteristics). SDP is a technically complex device. Its reliable fault-free operation is finite. If electronic circuits of smart equipment contain many SDPs, its reliable operation in general may reduce along with the increase in the number of SDPs. This situation is hardly allowable. Moreover, SDPs are rather expensive.

The first issue to be resolved by the designer is to determine whether the SDPs are really necessary. Electromagnetic interference from the lightning may be also reduced by other conventional lightning protection means. A high-level specialist must use them. The decision on using SDPs should be technologically and economically feasible. You must clearly understand the task to be performed by the SDPs in a particular electrical circuit. This is what the planned webinar is about.

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Speaker: E. M. Bazelyan, D.Sc. (Eng.), Professor; G.M. Krzhizhanovsky Energy Institute, Moscow
Date and time: December 15, 2021 at 11:00 Moscow time.
Duration: about 80-90 minutes.
Venue: Online
Price: free, registration is required.


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