Grounding Arrangement Operation in a Pulse Mode

Горизонтальная шина длиной 200 м - 200 m horizontal bus
Радиус шины 0,01 м, глубина укладки 0,5 м - Bus radius 0.01 m, depth 0.5 m
Ом м - Ohm m
Ом - Ohm
Прямоугольный импульс тока - Rectangular current pulse
Время, мкс - Time, mcs

Any horizontal grounding bus or vertical electrode has an inductance. It means that the current does not penetrate the grounding arrangement immediately, but loads its elements with a particular rate. As a result, not entire grounding arrangement is immediately used in flowing of the rapidly increasing lightning current. Its parts become to operate gradually and each of them becomes operational the later, the further a particular part is from the pulse current entry location. Under these conditions, it is useless to rely on measurements or calculations of grounding resistance for direct (or rather slowly alternating) current. Actual lightning current flowing conditions may be incomparably worse and will be characterized by completely different and many-fold increased grounding resistance values. Thus, pulse characteristics of grounding arrangements require an independent analysis.

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