How to Obtain a Free Calculation of Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems?

How to Obtain a Free Calculation of Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems?


We can do that! Just send us a task, and we will make a calculation within 1-3 days, draw a lightning protection and grounding scheme, generate a brief explanation note, and develop material and equipment specifications. If required, we will comment on the solution and provide a consultation for you if you have any questions.

Do you have any problems? It is OK, we will modify the solution and perform a new calculation.

If you need to perform calculations for a complex facility that requires discussion of details with involvement of several departments in your company, we will be able to participate remotely (e.g. using ZOOM or TEAMS) in a key moment of the meeting.

Do you design in BIM? We will also be useful for you.

Your deadline has expired? We understand the importance of this situation and we can share your worries associated with the soonest project completion. Start your request with the word "EMERGENCY" and we will try to send the solution as soon as possible.

We are ZANDZ Technical Center, i.e. a group of engineers interested in lightning protection and grounding. We collect and systematize knowledge, train, conduct webinars, publish example projects and calculations at our website. In 2021, we have developed solutions for over 1,000 facilities. Every day, we design protection for production, administrative, and public buildings, explosion and fire hazardous structures and plants, communication facilities, railroad facilities, mining, hydrocarbon production and food industries. We have accumulated a huge experience and we are ready to share it with you. Send a request for calculation, and we will do the best for you.

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