To help the designer of oil and gas facilities

the designer of oil and gas facilities

The geographical location of oil and gas facilities is immense. They are being built throughout the various natural areas, in consequence of that the design of these facilities should take into account many factors: topography, groundwater, weather conditions, etc. The use of inflammable substances and their products requires specialized knowledge about safety and adherence of regulatory standards.

ZANDZ technical Center many times had to deal with questions on this matter and we were able to gain experience in this field. The following article provides the list of ready-made materials for oil and gas facilities, so that you can learn useful design skills.

Lightning protection of oil and gas facility
Lightning protection of oil and gas facility

1. Project of grounding and lightning protection for oil tanks (in DWG and PDF). In this article you will find an example of the calculation for the storage of oil and oil products, made in accordance with such regulations as the EIC 7 th ed., IS 153-34.21.122-2003 and the AD 34.21.122-87 . See the finished model of the project and the layout of the protection elements on a separate page.

2. Lightning Protection Design for oil and gas industry" webinar video The seminar author Eduard Meerovitch Bazelyan reveals the problems of a contradictory regulatory framework for industrial plants with large amounts of fossil fuels, what difficulties  appear at the design of these objects and how to solve them.

3. Article from prof. E.M.Bazelyan Lightning protection of oil and gas facilities. This technical unit was formed following the webinar. Professor E.M. Bazelyan shares the national analysis of the regulatory documents and standards of enterprises and their different interpretations as well as the ways of solutions that provide maximum security with minimal effort.

4. Example solutions and specifications for the project of an oil or gas industry. Here is a tentative specification of lightning protection calculation for oil storage with details of the offered equipment. It is necessary to calculate exact specification individually for each object.

The offered information will help your future projects to become more efficient and functional. Get personal advice on your object at our Technical Center!  You can send your questions to our e-mail and in our groups in social networks:

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