How to stay in business for 120 years?


Every organization, like any living organism, has its lifespan. In times of an unstable economy, this period is much shorter. Decrease in sales is the reason for that and as a result, the company's closure. But it does not happen with all organizations. The company WJ Furse & Co Ltd is an example of a long life - the world leader in the design and manufacture of grounding and lightning protection systems. The company, which lived through two world wars and has been existing for 120 years! How did it manage to do that?

The company WJ Furse & Co Ltd

WJ Furse & Co Ltd founded by William Joseph Furs in 1893 in Nottingham. At that time, the development of electricity was on the early stage, but William immediately realized its importance. He opened a workshop for the manufacture of switchgear and components. In seven years, the workshop became a diversified engineering company to build electrical installations. In order to stay in business for 120 years, the company had to go through many technological changes. Focusing on research and development, the company came to the production of copper and aluminum conductors, which form the basis of grounding and lightning. Furse also began to produce surge protection systems, arising from lightning strikes and the actions of its electromagnetic field, to protect computers and other electrical equipment. The son of William Joseph Furs became his successor, who like his father, directed all his energy on the research and development of equipment for the transmission of electricity.

The result of the company's open attitude to science and progress was a long track record of innovations, experience on a variety of projects - from royal palaces to refineries.

Today W.J. Furse & Co Ltd is the largest manufacturer of grounding and lightning protection systems, as well as a major supplier of surge protection systems all over the world.

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