Do I have to install individual grounding for my bath-house?

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Every owner of his own land parcel faces the question of electrical safety of his structures. Protection is needed not only in a single-family house, but also in other buildings where electrical equipment is used: baths, sheds, etc. Most of these addition buildings appear much later than the living building. Consequently, we face a number of issues. How to ground the object if the house itself is already grounded? Do I need to perform a separate contour for additional structures?

Let's answer these questions on the example of a house of one of our readers.

Question: There is a country house, three phases are connected to it. There is a construction of a bath house (solid wood) being held 40 m from the house. It is planned to use two direct-flow water heaters 7 kW each. Consumption in the house is up to 8 kW. The board is not grounded in the house. Where should I make grounding and what kit choose? Do I need to purchase a separate kit for the bath house?

Answer: ZANDZ ZZ-6  kit is used for a country house. The distance to the bath house is big enough, so you need to set a pin near the house board and near the bath house or lay copper-bonded wire with the cross- section of 10 mm from the house to the bath house at the depth of 0.5. Grounding works effectively when it is close to the electric board of the object.

Grounding for a bath house is necessary for electrical safety. If to set the pin only at the house board, then at the disorder of wiring of device in the bath house,  or vice versa,  it will be dangerous to stay near the pin. Because the distance of 40 meters is enough for the voltage to become dangerous.

Natural ground electrode
The lower is the resistance of the grounding, the lower is the contact voltage

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