ZANDZ ZZ-6t and ZZ-6s: grounding sets for single-family houses

ZANDZ ZZ-6t and ZZ-6s grounding sets are intentionally designed to perform high-quality grounding for electrical equipment in a single-family house using a hammer drill or a jackhammer. With them, you can make grounding as a single 6 m rod, which is mostly sufficient for electrical installations in a typical country house without gas boiler and back-up power supply.

The sets are similar in their compositions, although ZZ-6t includes a header for the hammer drill (SDS max). In its turn, ZZ-6s will suit better for the specialists already having an SDS max header to hammer rods in.

Set compositions:

  1. ZandZ Copper-plated threaded grounding rod (D14; 1.5 m) - 4 pcs
  2. ZandZ Threaded coupling - 4 pcs
  3. ZandZ Clamp for main conductor connection (D14; up to 40 mm) - 1 pc
  4. ZandZ Starting tip - 1 pc
  5. ZandZ Guide head for jackhammer attachment - pc
  6. ZandZ Header for jackhammer (SDS max) - 1 pc (ZZ-6t set)

Special seasonal promotions for the equipment are available for the ZANDZ partners.

IMPORTANT! All ZANDZ grounding sets consist of high-quality components: strengthened steel rods with the copper coating 0.25 mm thick, stainless steel couplers and carefully chosen fittings (pegs, couplings, headers, etc.) . ZANDZ sets are easier to install and more durable in operation compared to their analogs.

ZANDZ partners may purchase sets in their personal accounts and by sending a request to e-mail or by phone +7-495-640-09-57.

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