To ZANDZ Partners

You can benefit from 7 advantages:

  1. Partner discounts up to 50% from a retail price list with the first purchase!
    We do not promise but we trust!
  2. We reserve the products at the warehouse immediately after the invoice.
    So, the customer is ready to pay? We are ready to deliver!
  3. The partner's personal area.
    The information is available online: warehouse stock, order placement, reserves, shipment waybill number, etc.
  4. Personal manager for committed partners.
    Individual attention allows solving many issues quicker and more efficiently.
  5. Delivery to any location in Russia.
    Seamless interaction channels with many carrier companies.
  6. Project defending.
    The one who works, earns money.
  7. Individual delivery and payment conditions.
    We help you in working with the end customers.


Convenient personal area for everyone

  • relevant information on personal prices and discounts, warehouse stock, minimum shipments, overstock shipment times, etc.;
  • own order execution, products reservation;
  • tracking your current order condition up to the waybill;
  • obtaining information on special offers and bonuses in the first hand;
  • opportunity to order exclusive goods (products and materials not available in the company's e-store).

Advantages of the ZANDZ company and equipment

  1. Highest quality of equipment with the service life up to 100 years; full compliance with the regulatory documents.
    Worldwide, only GALMAR and ERICO could achieve this high quality of copper coating on earthing rods such that, after copper coating, the rods may be threaded by the roll-on method. In its earthing sets, ZANDZ uses the GALMAR products.
  2. It is a well-known brand for which we spend much effort and money to promote.
    Only Internet knowledge base on the lightning protection and earthing of ZANDZ engages such a good audience in the Russian-speaking countries. ZANDZ is the only company who holds educational webinars thus freely distributing the professional knowledge on lightning protection and earthing for all involved parties. Only ZANDZ publishes the subject matter books and cooperates with the recognized experts.
  3. A large warehouse stock.
    Do you need to receive 10,000 earthing rods in 1 day? We can do that! Availability of information on the prices and ZANDZ goods in the warehouse; the information is available in the retail e-store: and in the Partner's personal area on the website:
  4. Professional technical support, free of charge.
    Personal consultations, individual calculation of systems using the exclusive software, development of technical solutions, creation of specifications for an object, engineering support for the projects. Only the specialists that perform 10 calculations (from the house earthing to the NPP lightning protection systems) a day during several years may have the extensive practical experience.
  5. Stable partner since 2005.
    ZANDZ was the first company who delivered the ready-made earthing and then the lightning protection sets in the RF.


The ZANDZ Expert Club is more than just a business!

The ZANDZ Expert Clus is a unique communication platform for the people with the needs in lightning protection and earthing and people providing the services for calculation, installation and selling of such equipment. Join the Expert Club: publish your information and see, which customers are already looking for contractors! Each Club Expert has an opportunity to create its own personal page and share the experience of performing work to win the customers more successfully. The participation is free of charge and does not provide for any fees and payments.

By joining the ZANDZ Expert Club, you can obtain:

  • an access to orders for the material delivery, design, installation, verification, expert review of the lightning protection and earthing systems;
  • a certificate of the official dealer;
  • an access of the target audience (customers) to the organization;
  • free trainings for sales, installation and maintenance of the lightning protection and earthing systems.

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