Lightning Protection in Rural Areas

Lightning protection in rural areas

The title of the article may cause raising eyebrows of the specialists that is rather predictable. The lightnings are exactly equal in the city and in the countryside, and the nature of buildings has not had any special differences for a long time. There is clearly no need to talk about any fundamental differences. What is this article about then? It should be necessary to dwell on two points. Firstly, the low-rise residential rural buildings can obviously do with the simplified lightning protection. It is important to offer simplifications that, nevertheless, will provide rather reliable protection for the low height structures, guarantee the safety of people and animals, and in addition, keep all household electronic devices in good working order. There are enough of them today in any rural house. Secondly, the industrial and public buildings in the rural areas, equipped with quite state-of-the-art electronic equipment, as a rule, are supplied with electricity via the 0,4 kV overhead lines with increased length. They are more likely to suffer from the thunderstorm electromagnetic interference and therefore need better protection.

You can find answers to these questions in the article of E.M. Bazelyan Lightning Protection in Rural Areas.

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