How to fix down conductor on the roof?

The reliability of lightning protection is largely dependent on the quality of the connection elements. Especially when it comes to the down conductor - part of the structure transmitting lightning current  from the lightning rod to the ground. When designing objects, the specialists are lost in the variety of offered materials and frequently ask questions on the fixation. We decided to give details on how to mount down conductors.

So, down conductor is made of a tape of round steel with a diameter of at least 8 mm. It is run with the maximally possible path to the ground. Its location is always consistent: along the walls, down perpendicular to the ground, as well as along the ridge of the roof, when it is necessary to connect two and more lightning rods. Consequently,fixation for down conductors can be divided by type:

  • to wall / to the facade;
  • on the roof.

Fixation to the wall or facade is made of two plates with the bolt connection. Their design can be with the rise above the wall and without. Material of the walls and facing can be different, so depending on the surface the desired clamp is chosen. If the house is designed of combustible materials such as wood, clamps with the rise should be chosen.

How to fix down conductor on the roof?1

Fixation to the drain pipe allows to quickly attach to the down conductor to the pipe using only a wrench. The loop is equipped with a tap screw allowing to regulate the sweep of the pipe with a diameter from 50 to 350 mm.

How to fix down conductor on the roof?2

Fixation of down conductors between each other is performed with a special clamp for parallel or perpendicular connection. Mounting attachment consists of two plates, bolt and nut. Inside such clamps there is a plate of stainless steel, allowing to provide a reliable electrical contact between the wires of down conductors.

Fixations of down conductors on the roof have more variable designs, as they are divided by the execution of lightning protection. In the design of lightning protection for a flat roof,a solution in the form of lightning protection mesh is used or with the help of lightning rods on the roof.

To fix the collector to a flat roof special plastic clamps are used, the position of which is fixed with the help of glue or mastic.

How to fix down conductor on the roof?3

To fix down conductor on the roof of natural tile, when it goes down from the lightning rod, a special clamp is used. It is put under the tile and has a special perforation for easy fixation to the bars, sheathing or rafters.

How to fix down conductor on the roof?4

For double-pitched roofs, the fixation can be performed by means of clamps with rubber sealing bushing, not forgetting previously to make a hole in the roof. Or adjustable clamp with "lugs", which allows to change the position of the down conductor with respect to the roof ridge.


There are many fixations for lightning protection,but one function - to ensure potential equalization process on the protected object. Th section Clips for down conductors will help you to choose the required fixation. Each element has a full description and outline drawing. Do you have a question on the design? Contact ZANDZ Technical center for advice.

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