How does lightning originate? Find out from the unique video

Thanks to the modern technology, we can study the causes of such complex natural phenomena as lightning. Lightning is described in sufficient detail in scientific literature, but it is incredibly difficult to capture its rapid flight in the atmosphere.

The employees of the Institute of Technology in Florida managed to make slow motion of lightning during a heavy storm in May 2016. The scientists tested a new high-speed camera with the playback speed of 7000 shots per second! These shots can be compared to a work of art. Every new electrical discharge turns into a bright flash. It looks like a special effect in an adventure film, which you can see not on the big screen but in real life. The video shows that prior to envelop the sky with an explosive flash, the lightning starts a storm cloud and goes to the ground. It tells us that this is a downward lightning.

Such experiments allow to track the process of the discharge origin, to explore its characteristics and later develop technologies that affect the trajectory of lightning itself.

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