LEUTRON and RST Solutions for a comprehensive overvoltage protecton of various systems

We offer comprehensive overvoltage solutions of various information and low-voltage systems, developed by RST and LEUTRON.

In each of the developed proposal you will find a set of surge protection for low-voltage power supplies (AC or DC), as well as signal lines (telecommunication, radio, control, automation and measuring).

For the completeness of information, in each section we give a general description of the principles of surge protection organization, necessary to ensure the conditions of safe and stable operation of the protected devices.


Surge protection for outdoor surveillance system

The complex of measures of outdoor video surveillance system (CCTV) for the protection from surge overvoltages should include protection of both individual cameras and equipment located in the center of the video surveillance (recorders, monitors, etc.). Overvoltage protection must be provided in the power supply circuit and in all signal lines (camera control, etc.).

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Overvoltage protection of the pipeline cathodic protection system

LEUTRON is a world leader in the field of surge protection. In its range LEUTRON have developed a special series of products specifically designed to deal with surges of various origins, that arise in the pipeline cathodic protection systems. LEUTRON devices allow to protect these systems against all types of surges, including those arising in the case of a direct lightning strike in the vicinity of the pipeline.

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Overvoltage protection of wind generator installations

Today, wind generator installations gain popularity as one of the most affordable and simple methods of autonomous electrification of facilities.

Wind turbines are usually installed in open areas at high altitude, in the result of what, they are particularly exposed to lightning impact. To ensure safe and reliable operation, they must be appropriately protected against overvoltage. LEUTRON company prepared a special offer for the protection of wind turbines.

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Охранная сигнализация

Surge protection for access control and burglar alarm systems

Any burglar alarm, intrusion detection and access control system (ACS), due to the extensive connections between the control panel and various sensors, or sensors, is particularly vulnerable to surges, caused as a result of a close lightning strike. Protection of such installations is particularly important at sites of special purpose, or non-supervised sites.

RST company offers integrated solutions for comprehensive protection against overvoltages of the central alarm system. Protection is selected in accordance with the technical requirements of the system and the requirements of regulatory documents.

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Пожарная сигнализация

Overvoltage protection of fire alarm system

In accordance with a series of lightning protection standards EN 62305, automatic fire alarm system can reduce the risk of fire associated with a direct lightning strike "only if they are protected against overvoltage and other damage» [IEC 62305-2].

Due to the fact that usually fire detectors are distributed over a large area, these systems are especially vulnerable to induced overvoltages. Besides, protection of Fire Alarm Control Panel (FAS) solves the problem of improving the efficiency and security of the entire facility.

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Спутниковое телевидение

Overvoltage protection of satellite Television system

Due to the fact that the satellite equipment is in most cases located on the roofs of buildings, it is particularly vulnerable to the effects of lightning. These devices must be located within a protection zone of external lightning protection system (LPS) while keeping acceptable insulation distances between the elements of the system in accordance with IEC 62305-3.

All signal cables placed inside the building must also be protected against overvoltage. In particular, when antenna devices on the roof of a building present themselves complex systems. ZOP-SAT (╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨е╨б╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨е╨л╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨е╨н╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨д╨а╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨ж╨б╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨е╨м╤В╨е╨╕╤В╨е╨е╤В╨е╨┤тХи╨п RST) devices, allowing to ensure safety of many signal lines in one place, are an ideal solution to protect systems from surges.

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Продукция на заказ

Surge protection. Individual development and manufacture

RST company offers custom manufacturing of specialized surge arresters designed to protect specific signaling systems according to customer requirements. The proposal includes development of the project, implementation of test samples, testing in accordance with IEC 61643-21 and serial production.

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