Solution for comprehensive protection against overvoltages of access control system and burglar alarm

Any burglar alarm, intrusion detection and access control systems (ACS) due to extensive connections between the control panel and all kinds of sensors or detectors, are particularly vulnerable to various kinds of overvoltages, in particular - to atmospheric overvoltages (due to lightning strikes). Protection of such installations is particularly important at sites of special purpose, or non-supervised sites.

We offer you the complete solution for a comprehensive protection against overvoltages of the central alarm system. Protection is selected in accordance with the technical requirements of the system and the requirements of regulatory documents.

Advantages of our solution

  • harmonized integrated concept of protection of all elements;
  • improved reliability;
  • reduction of the number of false responses (alarms);
  • uninterrupted operation of IT-systems and safety equipment;
  • MP series protection modules can be removed and replaced without interfering into the system operation;
  • there is also a version for two pairs of wires (2DA) with four signal lines;
  • Space saving in the switchboard (installation of the SPD of MP series);
  • very low level of surge suppression.

Система обнаружения опасности

Scheme of integrated surge protection of access control and burglar alarm systems

Схема комплексной защиты системы обнаружения опасности

Selection of equipment

The list of the main equipment needed for a comprehensive surge protection of danger detection system, is given below and includes protection of all networks in the system.

Equipment in the feed network

SPD name Product item Test class Note
PP BC TNS 25/100/FM LE-373-952 Class 1+2 4-pole with remote signaling contact
EP C TN 275/FM LE-381-248 Class 2 2-pole, with remote signaling contact

Equipment in the signalling circuit

SPD name Product item Test class Protected wire
MP 2x2 GDT+12V-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-026 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+24V-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-027 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+5V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-039 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+12V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-040 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+24V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-041 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+36V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-042 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+48V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-043 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+60V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-044 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+180V-Ad-Ad-Pg ST LE-970-045 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 24V-HF ST LE-971-051 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
MP 2x2 GDT+60V-Ad-Ad ST LE-970-016 D1/C2/C1/C3 2DA
DataPro Koax-8V-BNC-75 Ohm LE-544-340 D1/C2/C1/C3 Coax
DP RJ45-CAT6-48V-Tr LE-240-005 C2/C1/C3 8 wire cable
DP 8xRJ45-6V-WG LE-194-050 C2/C1/C3 8 wire cable
DP 1xRJ45-PoE-Alu LE-240-021 C2/C1/C3 8 wire cable
DP 3x8RJ45-19" LE-194-033 C2/C1/C3 24x8

Individual selection

In case if your hazard detection system has atypical characteristics or has unique patrameters, you can always contact our technical center.

The extensive range of the SPDs we offer allows us to choose an individual protection complex that meets all the requirements of reliability and efficiency.


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