Product item: LE-970-017

A replaceable protective module for a two-part SPD intended for use in signal lines. In order to conduct measurements or maintenance, the protection module can be removed without changing the resistance of the line, so the signal level will remain unchanged. The base can be left in the unit without the need for any additional manipulations or disconnection of any wires.

  • A protection circuit for 4 signal lines;
  • nominal discharge current per line: 10 kA (8/20 microseconds);
  • load current up to 0.5 A;
  • test standard: IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21;
  • IEC/EN category: D1/C2/C1/C3;
  • can be installed at LPZ 0B-2 boundaries and higher;
  • mounted on a 35 mm DIN rail;
  • body material - thermoplastic;
  • space required for installation: 17.5 mm;
  • protection level (IEC EN 60529): IP 20.

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Rated voltage of the circuit to be protected, V
Maximum operating voltage (DC/AC), V
Product item
MP 2x2 GDT +5V-Ad-Ad ST 5 6/4 LE-970-011
MP 2x2 GDT +12V-Ad-Ad ST 12 15/11 LE-970-012
MP 2x2 GDT +24V-Ad-Ad ST 24 33/23 LE-970-013
MP 2x2 GDT +36V-Ad-Ad ST 36 45/32 LE-970-014
MP 2x2 GDT +48V-Ad-Ad ST 48 54/38 LE-970-015
MP 2x2 GDT +60V-Ad-Ad ST 60 70/49 LE-970-016
MP 2x2 GDT +170V-Ad-Ad ST 170 170/120 LE-970-017


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LE-970-016 - 20 810,00 Руб. (под заказ)

LE-970-017 - 20 810,00 Руб. (под заказ)

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MP 2x2 GDT/Ad-Ad ST