Solution for a comprehensive surge protection of information systems. Individual development and production.

Продукция на заказ

RST company offers custom manufacturing of specialized surge arresters designed to protect specific signaling systems according to customer requirements. The proposal includes development of the project, implementation of test samples, testing in accordance with IEC 61643-21 and serial production.


Depending on customer requirements the following things are determined at the design stage:

  • number of protected lines;
  • signal standard;
  • resistance to lightning currents;
  • limiter protection level;
  • body frame type.

The number of lines protected by the limiter can beselected according to the number of input / output devices in the system to be protected, so you can use a single security device instead of several standard ones. Surge arresters are selected depending on specific signal standards, the desired resistance to pulsed currents and the level of protection. The limiter is designed in accordance with its purpose: to protect against partial lightning currents (category D) or only againsy induced currents (category C).

Following the development of the scheme and model of the device,its prototype is made, which is then subjected to a series of tests in accordance with IEC 61643-21 RST in RST laboratory, on the basis of which the decision about its compliance is made. The complete test series provides efficiency and high quality products. There is also an opportunity to hold a research in a climate chamber to assess the environmental impact of the environment in which the product retains the declared quality features (important for systems to be placed in the open air).

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