Video recording of the webinar "How to choose lightning rods?"

Last Wednesday, on November 25 there was a webinar with Professor Eduard Meerovitch Bazelyan about grounding and lightning protection. During the online meeting, the problems of the designers associated with the gaps and differences in regulatory documents containing the requirements for the selection of lightning protection were once again confirmed. To learn the disagreements and the workarounds, check out the video of the webinar!

Let us remind you, that this is the tenth webinar with Professor E.M. Bazelyan, where the pressing issues on the design of grounding and lightning protection systems are being discussed. Videos of past webinars are published on our website and are available for viewing. 

Do you have any questions about lightning protection, on which you cannot find answers on your own? Please send them to us, we will help! Our contacts are given on a separate page.

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