Please welcome! The long-awaited book about lightning protection!

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We are pleased to announce you the long-awaited book about lightning protection, which contains everything you need to study the principles of construction of lightning protection! The book is addressed to design engineers of external and internal lightning protection of ground facilities, and will also be useful to students and graduate students specializing in the theory and practice of modern lightning protection.

Book: 'Questions of practical lightning protection'
Book: "Questions of practical lightning protection"

The author is a recognized expert in the field of lightning protection and grounding - Professor Eduard Meerovitch Bazelyan. The book is based on practical experience of the author and the laboratory staff of the Energy Institute to the name of G.M. Krzhyzhanowsky, of which he is the head. The book summarizes perceptions of lightning mechanisms and its parameters necessary to design lightning protection systems. The national domestic regulations on lightning protection are being analyzed, and special attention is given to their fundamental differences from the foreign ones, as well as to the assessment of requirements, necessary to select a specific amount of lightning protection equipment.

Read the full description of the book "Questions of practical lightning protection"and get acquainted with the book fragments on a separate page.

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