New instructions about grounding and lightning protection for a single-family house

The summer season is coming, due to what,  the owners of single-family houses start to think about installation of grounding on their allotments. Installation in winter time is difficult because of the frozen soil, rainfall and low temperatures, that is why, the solutions to protect against electric shock are left until better days. ZandZ technical center would like to inform you that it's time to install grounding! To help you with this difficult matter, we prepared a detailed instruction on grounding and lightning protection in a single-family house, which can be found in the "Library" section.

private house

The instruction is divided into sections and has a quick navigation to facilitate your search for the right information.
The first part of the manual gives an explanation of the importance and the need for grounding in the house, what grounding systems exist and gives their description. The second part tells about how to make grounding, namely how to set a grounding device, perform internal and external lightning protection, use the right equipment in accordance with the list given above and measure the final resistance.

Every day we receive a lot of questions of different complexity about grounding and lightning protection of single-family houses of various designs, such as: "Is it enough for me to set ZZ-6 to ground a single-family house? After the installation of the equipment is required to measure grounding resistance? What if the resulting resistance is greater than 30 ohms?" You will find answers to such questions in our new guide!

If after reading the manual you still have questions regarding lightning protection and grounding, please contact our technical specialists at Get more details from our groups in social networks:

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