Lightning during snow? Is it real?

Inhabitants of Novosibirsk could see a fantastic phenomenon on December 9 this year. There was a snow storm in the city. For winter time - this phenomenon is rare and unique, it happens only 5-6 times per year in the whole world. Unlike the standard lightning satellite - rain, the phenomenon is accompanied by an unusual snowfall or granular snow.

According to the data of Novosibirsk Hydrometcenter a winter storm has never been previously fixed in the city. The factors of its origin are quite diverse. Weather phenomenon could be caused by the passed cyclone "Desmond", or abnormally high temperatures for this time of year.



Channel "Lightning",

According to Renad Yagudin, a spokesman of the meteorological center, these factors could cause vertical motion in the atmosphere and strong cumulus, typical for the emergence of a thunderstorm. Video recording of a snow storm in Novosibirsk

This incident is a great example that the risk of electric shock from lightning exists not only in summer but in winter too, so you need to protect yourself, your family and your home in advance. A once installed system of external lightning protection will protect your home for many years. See an example of such a system on an individual page!

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