Design for flying line grounding

Design for flying line grounding

The ZANDZ Technical Center sometimes receives requests to calculate grounding for the aircraft parking space. We have prepared a typical design for calculation of grounding for this facility, which can be downloaded and integrated into your project.

It is known that, in this case, the soil in the site is sandy loam with the resistivity of 100 Ohm/m. The grounding arrangement is performed in accordance with the EIC Rev. 7, the RTOEIC, GOST 12.1.018. Resistance up to 100 Ohm for the grounding arrangement intended to protect against static electricity is allowed according to Chapters 1.7 and VII of the Electrical Installations Code (EIC).

The grounding arrangement is made from horizontal and vertical grounding arrangements. A copper-plated grounding electrode d14.2 mm installed in the locations of connection to the airplane grounding boxes is used as a vertical grounding arrangement. All grounding arrangements are combined with a horizontal grounding electrode (steel copper-plated bar having cross-section 30 x 4 mm). Depth is 0.5 to 0.7 m.

The airplanes are grounded using ground wires with fixed plugs connected to the airplane sockets.

You can see the calculation in more details and download the design in DWG and PDF using the link.

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