The process of transition of the company from one activity to another is not easy, but sometimes it is necessary. Science does not stand still, the society changes with it, as well as consumer, and to keep the pace with the time it is necessary to constantly move forward. For some people innovation in the industry is a way of survival, for others - an integral part of business.

CITEL company is one of the few which can boast a rich history of innovation. Electrical concern has been successfully working for 75 years now and still remains in the leading positions on the manufacture and supply of lightning protection systems and surge protection devices worldwide.

What events affected this outcome? We will tell you more.

From lamp to SPD - 75- years- history!

The company was founded in 1937 in France choosing design and production of gas-filled lamps as its specialization. But it was not enough for the founders. Regular studies in the chosen field allowed CITEL in 1944 to release the first surge arrester. During the next years, the vector of the company's development was aimed at studying the processes of electrical network protection from electrical transients.

In 1976, the organization's management was changed and, as it turned out, was for the better. In the mid-80, CITEL entered the international arena by opening two branches in America and Germany. In 1992, the company acquired a study on a gas discharge tube by the French physicist Georges Claude. In 2000 ,having adapted knowledge to the power supply, CITEL staff developed a new VG technology to protect power networks that helped to unite the advantages of semiconductor and gas discharge technology. And in 2005 to release a new line of lightning protection on a twisted pair. VG technology idea is based on the use of certain types of gas-filled spark gap switches, combined with metal oxide varistors, so there are no leakage currents and no effect of aging.

Introducing reasonable change in the business, CITEL managed to become a supplier of exclusive equipment. Do not be afraid to take risks! When you think that you have achieved a lot - it's time to make a new step.

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