System of data monitoring after a lightning strike

Renewable energy sources - sources of energy which is considered inexhaustible. They are a great alternative to the traditional method of energy production, both on the part of energy independence and for environmental safety. One of these sources is wind energy. Wind turbines are used to convert it into electrical energy. In turn, lightning strikes can cause great damage to these machines. How to control the consequences of lightning strikes?

The monitoring system of lightning consequences

In order to react in time to the consequences that arise after lightning strikes, a special system is used (Lightning Key Data System). The monitoring system of lightning consequences is mounted into the wind turbine and allows to process lightnign strike patameters individually:

Lightning Key Data System basic parameters

  • Maximal current.
  • Specific energy.
  • Presence of charge.
  • Maximum step of lightning current.
  • Lightning Key Data System basic parameters:
  • current amplitude - + /- 240 KA;
  • frequency range - 30 MHz - 1 MHz;
  • Sampling frequency - 10MHz;
  • frame rate with -1,5 s;
  • resolution ability - 16 bit;
  • backup to the internal SD card;
  • dimensioning of the four characteristics of the full signal;
  • after each measurement a full set of data is available;
  • continuous measurement in full resolution of the two subsequent events;
  • Simultaneous recording from three sources.
  • Lightning Key Data System Control system allows you to plan maintenance of wind turbines, due to the effects of lightning strikes. Implementation of the monitoring is a vital element in ensuring safety of the plant. It gives enough time to react to the problem while avoiding large financial costs associated with the long stop in the wind turbine operation.

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