How to escape from a storm

Most of us know that usually a lightning strikes in the highest point among the objects in the vicinity. The highest object creates a certain area into which the lightning barely penetrates.  However, this does not mean that being in this area, people will protect themselves from lightning. This is because the danger comes not only from a direct lightning strike, but its current, which is flowing through the surrounding structures, buildings and components of various communications. For example, when lightning strikes into a wet tree, the lightning current passes through its trunk and roots into the ground. That is why, it is dangerous to stand aside and even touch the tree!

What to do if you got caughty by storm

What to do if you got caughty by storm? collected a set of rules, which should be followed during a storm to be in safety.

You are outside

1. Turn off the mobile phone. Even if you are not speaking over it, the phone is a great catcher of lightning.

2. Do not stand on the hills and hide in a hole or ditch, or any other place, sitting on your hunkers with your head down. Lying on the ground is not recommended due to the fact that the wet ground can conduct current.

You are outside

3. If you are in the pond or near - immediately leave it to the distance of not less than 100 meters. Lightning can strike into the wet sand on the beach.

4. Move away from tall objects and do not touch them in no case (fences, telecommunication towers, trees, etc.). It is not recommended to hide in single small barns and other wooden buildings. The probability that lightning will strike there is very high.

protected by high-rise buildings

5. If the storm caught you when you are driving a motorcycle or bicycle, stop and cover yourself in a safe place.

6. Being in a car outside the city, a chance to catch lightning is much higher than in the city where you are protected by high-rise buildings. If you are outside the city, stop and shut the engine off. You are protected here - in case if lightning current passed through the car body. However, sitting in the car, do not touch the interior metal parts or use mobile phones.

a car outside the city

You are in a house

  1. Close windows and doors and get away from them. This action is aimed at the protection of lightning balls, which is drawn by draughts.
  2. Turn off all electrical appliances from electrical outlets. In case of getting into the electrical grid, lightning current is able to damage all the equipment.
  3. Do not stroke the furnace! The snoke coming out from the pipe has the resistance lower than the surrounding air and can attract lightning.

In the case with the house, of course, you need to take care of your own safety and safety of household electrical equipment. Take advantage of this ready-made regulations:

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