For the estimator to calculate grounding and lightning protection

The project passed to the estimator, contains information on all materials required in the course of work and all the necessary volumes. But this is an ideal case. Very often a project contains only superficial information. And then the estimation of the work cost, whether it is construction, installation, restoration, or anything else, forces the estimator to deeply plunge into the specifics of the project with a detailed study of the rules and calculation methods.

Fortunately, project includes on its website a huge amount of materials that will be useful to any estimator for the calculation of grounding and lightning protection:




Calculation of lightning protection and grounding

How many and what kind of materials are required while calculating grounding and lightning protection? What kind of works have to be performed?

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Ready price list for the equipment

How much does a complete lightning protection kit cost? What components are included into the grounding contour?

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Training on design and cost estimation

What systems of lightning protection and grounding are designed in by the estimators?

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Discussion of real calculation examples

What grounding to make in sandy soil? How to make lightning protection in a single-family house?

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Design and make up estimates together with!

Ask us your questions about calculations, design and cost estimates for systems of lightning protection and grounding, we will surely answer them! 

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