A new product line — surge protection devices!

We are pleased to announce that surge protection devices (SPDs) are now included in our product range. The highest quality solutions from a manufacturer with 50 years’ history, LEUTRON (Germany), are now available to you!


Surge protection devices (SPDs) are effective solutions to control both atmospheric (due to a lightning discharge) and industrial (switching) surges. SPD allows you to protect the circuit and equipment, prevent an emergency situation and minimize the loss even in the event of a direct lightning strike into a facility.

To ensure a truly reliable and effective protection, SPD should meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure the required residual voltage;
  • Withstand surge current of the predetermined shape (up to a partial lightning current);
  • Safely divert pulse energy.

Additionally, do not forget that only SPD selected and installed in accordance with all regulatory requirements can protect against a surge.

LEUTRON's vast experience ensures a high level of safety, quality, and durability of the devices. To achieve its objectives, LEUTRON has sophisticated production processes in place, such as brazing and vacuum methods, many ears of development experience, as well as the latest innovative technologies.

LEUTRON solutions ensure the operation of your equipment even in difficult industrial environments and prevent their loss during a severe thunderstorm.

In accordance with the complexity of the problems of protection against surge, LEUTRON is ready to offer innovative solutions for each individual case, including protection of power networks (AC and DC), telephone lines or other information networks.



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