How to protect video surveillance system?

Video surveillance systems present themselves a set of devices, that organize visual observation of the object. They may consist of cameras, multiplexers, video monitors, transmitters, etc. Typically, cameras are installed in public places: stadiums, sports venues, concert halls and shopping malls - anywhere you want to ensure safety of people by means of visual control. In addition to monitoring, the system can document events in the form of records or can be used for burglar alarms. Therefore, for smooth operation, it is important to ensure protection of equipment against surge voltages arising due to lightning and network congestion.
The LEUTRON company has released a new series of SPDs for protection of video surveillance systems. The device consists of two parts: the module and the base, and is designed to work in high-frequency signal lines. Let's get acquainted with its structure, what is interesting in this development?

picture of base and module MP 1x2 HF ST
Image of the base and module MP 1x2 HF ST

The new SPDs have the following advantages:

  • quick replacement of SPD without changing resistance in the line due to unstadardized construction. At the change of a module, the base part remains in the device;
  • direct and indirect grounding of the cable shield;
  • in case where the connection of the signal cable shield with the ground (PC) may result in interference, it is necessary to use LEUTRON MP Base 1x2-R GDT base, that provides galvanic isolation between the shield ontacts, DIN-rail and groundcontacts due to the use of the discharge tube;
  • the device has a unique circuit that meets the test standard of IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21.

LEUTRON base and module are designed to protect CCTV systems with the rated current up to 0.5 A and can protect each line at the nominal discharge current of 10 kA. The body is made of thermoplastic material with increased hardness and elasticity. The device has a degree of protection of electrical safety IP 20 and is intended for dry rooms.
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