ZANDZ installing grounding for Roshydromet Branch

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North Siberian Branch of Roshydromet´s Aviamettelekom (Federal State Budgetary Institution) had to buy an up-to-date ground loop with a service life of several dozen years.

After asking for professional advice, they opted for ZANDZ  modular grounding. Two ZZ-000-015 sets were installed at Kogalym Airport for grounding weather station equipment.

Sets were assembled as two electrodes, the depth of each was 15 meters. This depth is required as the soil in the area has a high resistivity, being mostly sand with admixed clay. Upon the first electrode installation, they were able to get the 40 Ohm resistance. Upon mounting the second one, about 20 Ohm. 

The result for such a complicated type of soil is quite acceptable. A company representative mentioned the simplicity of grounding installation and appeared satisfied with the purchase.

So, now there is a new location grounded with ZANDZ set on their map of geographical coverage.

map of geographical coverage

May 2014
2 electrodes, 15m deep
Soil: sand + clay
Exact coordinates
Grounding for meteorological station
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We are grateful to Vladislav, a representative of Roshydromet Branch, for providing us with a report on the installation.


You can e-mail your feedback on a grounding  installation to: The data will be published on our website (we recommend providing more details: place of installation (region / city / facilities), resistivity of soil prior to installation, purpose of the grounding installation, ground electrode type and number, and soil resistivity achieved).

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