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GALMAR threadless pin

GALMAR threadless pin made of drawn steel, galvanically coated with copper (99.9%), having strong molecular adhesion to steel.

Steel rod has high tensile strength of 600 N/sq. mm2, so that it can be plugged to great depth with a hammer drill. The copper coating is not less than 0.250 mm thick and ensures that the rod hammered into the ground is safe for at least 30 years. 

Threadless rods are connected with the help of a connective threadless clutch in order to create greater length of the grounding rod (recommended maximum depth of grounding rod system based on  threadless rods is 4 meters).

Threadless rods are installed with a hammer drill applying a special adapter and a threadless ground rod head fixed in the hole in the rod.

Please note that the threadless components mentioned above are available on request.

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