GALMAR GL-20035 Lightning Discharge Counter

Now, it is much easier to track events in the lightning protection system.

The lightning discharge counter records current pulses flowing along the drain buses of the lightning protection system. The device stores pulse parameters, time of its occurrence, and may accumulate up to 99 events. To provide prompt control, event indicators are located on the device panel. The information on the discharges allows timely reacting to possible consequences and control the status of the lightning protection system.

The GALMAR GL-20035 counter has an independent power supply, capable of recording current pulses of 1 to 100 kA with the duration of 8 mcs and more. The counter stores discharge date, time, and pulse duration. The counter indications allow assessing the intensity of the occurred lightning strikes and, if required, perform an off-schedule check of the lightning protection system to identify possible damage.

The device body design allows securing it directly to the bus with a wide range of nominal sizes of current collectors. The counter water (IP66) and UV protection degree allow its operation in any weather condition.

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