The device from DEHN for protection from parasite surges


Company DEHN  announced on its Russian website  a new smart device VCSD 40 IP65 to protect equipment from independent surges.

Saying "independent" that means any surges caused in the result of external influences. Such surges can be pulsed, short and long term, one way or another negatively affecting the operation of electrical equipment and the network as a whole. Surges can result from a variety of events, such as a short circuit to the ground or lightning strikes.

The reasons of independent surges influencing the pipes

The reasons of independent surges influencing the pipes (picture from the site

электромагнитные помехи- electromagnetic disturbances

короткие замыкания на землю – short-circuit to ground

паразитные токи, вызванные работой ЖД (пост и пер.тока) – parasite currents, caused by railway operation (AC and DC)

трубопровод - pipeline

VCSD - is an "intelligent" device, which reacts differently depending on the level of the applied voltage. It "sees" independent (parasite) surges and drains them into the ground. As a result, it excludes the effect of these currents on the operating equipment.

The principle of the device operation

The principle of the device operation (Image from the site

напряжение, В – voltage, V

импульсные перенапряжения -  surge overvoltage

кратковременные перенапряжения – temporary overvoltage

длительные перенапряжения – sustained overvoltage

время, мс – time, ms

The new product can be used to protect a wide range of equipment and personnel that is in contact with it: pipelines, tanks with cathodic protection and so forth.

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