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DEHNpipe Screw-on SPD  is made of stainless steel, which provides high corrosion resistance.

DEHNpipe is screwed into technological field device instead of the existing cable gland. SPD fixes wires connected to terminals of a technological field device. Thus, the protective components are installed directly in cable glands. It provides excellent protection against surge voltages.

SPD protects the inside area of ​​the technological field device from hazardous surge voltages and interference, which are diverted to the metal housing. Some grounding accessories are available to be used with plastic housings of field devices.

SPD protects the inside area of the technological field device from hazardous surge voltages and interference

DEHNpipe is designed for two-wire measuring sensor with 4-20mA interface. SPD ensures protection against surge voltages which is energetically coordinated for technological field devices installed outdoors requiring minimum space and minimum installation effort.
DPI options
Max 10 Nm
Installation order
Mounting sequence
Dismounting sequence
DPI MD 24 M 2S Mounting
With SPD design, having 2 parts, the field cable can be connected in the same way as in the connection to a measuring sensor. Cable gland provides IP67 protection. So, with the cable gland used, the cable screen can have a direct grounding, indirect grounding or not be grounded at all. An indirect grounding enables us to integrate the screen into the protection concept, as in this case there are no parasitic currents.
Mounting advantages
Versatile SPD can be used for the equipment which allows for only one connection to technological field device terminals or equipped with only one terminal for the cable gland.
BK cable (black)
RD cable (red)
Protective grounding cable (yellow-green)
Tight cable
DPI ME 24 N A2G Mounting
The device for inside pipe installation is equipped with 1/2” external thread and ensures conductors fixing. The device is installed as it is shown in the picture above.

Apart from this protective ground function of surge protection, the other ones should be mentioned: grounding as a part of external lightning protection and grounding as part of the electrical grid of the facilities.

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