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copper-bonded non-extendable electrode catalog features a new product - copper-bonded non-extendable electrode, which does not require to use clutches and connecting lugs. In contrast to the "standard" grounding rods (threaded and clutchless), the new product is a solid electrode, tapered at one end, which can not be lengthened with the other pins and grounding rods.

Non-extendable electrodes have the same properties as other rods and grounding pins manufactured by GALMAR:

  • made of rolled steel;
  • 99.9% copper coating deposited electrolytically;
  • thickness of the copper coating is not less than 0.250 mm;
  • The steel electrode base has a high tensile strength of 600 N / mm2.  

This new product is perfect for those who want to install a grounding electrode up to three meters deep.

Prices and dimensions of copper-bonded non-extendable electrodes.

Please note that these electrodes are available on request.


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