Copper-bonded clutchless ground rod (D14 and D17 / 1,2 and 1,5 m)

ground rod

Product items: GL-00072 / GL-00075 / GL-00086 / GL-00085

Galmar vertical copper-bonded clutchless (forge) ground rods with a clamp- sealing sleeve are made of rolled steel with electrolytic copper bonding of purity of 99.9% and thickness not less than 0.250 mm, which composes molecular and inseparable connection with the steel. The steel electrode base has a high tensile strength of 600 N / mm².

One end of the electrode is narrowed due to forging, thanks to what it retains its protective copper coating over the entire length. In addition, the narrowed end allows to immerse the grounding pin into the ground without a special tip. There is a dead hole on the other end made for the connection of rods with each other and increase of the total length.

At the junction of rods there is stainless steel plug, which performs the sealing role and the reinforcement of the connection. Also, the plug eliminates possible deformations of the rod slot-embedded part, arising during driving it into the ground.

It is necessary to apply driving head for the installation of clutchless (forge) Galmar rods, transferring the striking force to the rod center.

Rod diameter: 14 mm 14 mm
Length: 1,21 m 1,51 m
Weight: 1,50 kg 1,90 kg

Rod diameter: 17 mm 17 mm
Length: 1,21 m 1,51 m
Weight: 2.20 kg 2.75 kg

Price GL-00072 - 2290.00 Rub. (upon request)
Price GL-00075 - 2320.00 Rub. (upon request)
Price GL-00086 - 3010.00 Rub. (upon request)
Price GL-00085 - 1620.00 Rub. (special price)

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Clutchless grounding pin (crimp connection)
Clutchless grounding prong (before crimping the connection)
Clutchless grounding pin (crimp connection)

Copper bonding technology

The key factor in the manufacture of a high-quality ground rod is formation of a firm homogeneous copper coating of the required thickness with minimal impurity elements on a steel blank.

On a separate page "Copper-bonded steel" you will see a detailed description of the main characteristics, processes during the manufacture and test of coating.

GL-00075 Rod sketch

GL-00075 Rod sketch

GL-00075 rod dimensional drawing

GL-00075 rod dimensional drawing