Grounding of Ion Collider

From a scientific point of view, the ion collider is an accelerator of charged particles in oncoming beams, designed to accelerate protons and heavy ions (lead ions) and study the products of their collisions. For this unit to function properly, a very low ground resistance of up to 2 ohms is required.
The same we tried to achieve at the ZANDZ Technical Center.

Let us continue with more detailed review of our offered solution.


Calculation of the ion collier grounding

Object: ion collider.

Figure 1 – Object layout.

Figure 1 – Object layout.


Task: Run a grounding arrangement (GA) providing a resistance of not more than 2 ohms.


Solutions for meeting the requirements for the grounding system of the ion collider:

  1. Grounding is made in accordance with the 7th edition of the Electrical Installation Code.

  2. The soil resistivity accepted for calculations is 100 Ohm * m.

  3. Installation of a grounding arrangement, comprising 8 vertical electrodes 9 m long, combined by a horizontal electrode (copper-clad strip 30x4 mm).

  4. The distance from the horizontal electrode to the object is at least 1 m, penetration is 0.5 – 0.7 meters.

  5. Connection to the grounding arrangement is made through the terminals ZZ-005-064.


Ground terminal resistance calculation:

The rated resistance of the grounding device – is 1.82 ohms.


Figure 2 shows hardware layout.

Table 1 includes the list of required hardware and materials.

Figure 2 – Layout of equipment for the ion collider grounding.

Figure 2 – Layout of equipment for the ion collider grounding.

Вертикальный электрод длиной 9 м - Vertical electrode of 9 m
Полоса 30х4 мм - Strip 30x4 mm


Table 1 – List of material requirements.

Image Part number Description Quant.
1. ZZ-001-065 The copper-clad threaded grounding pin ZANDZ (D14; 1.5 m) 48
2. ZZ-002-061 Threaded coupling ZANDZ 41
3. ZZ-003-061 ZANDZ takeoff tip 8
4. ZZ-004-060 ZANDZ guide head for jackhammer attachment 10
5. ZZ-005-064 Clamp ZandZ for main conductor connection (D14; up to 40 mm) 9
6. ZZ-006-000 ZandZ conductive grease 5
7. ZZ-007-030 ZANDZ Waterproofing tape 3
8. ZZ-008-000 ZANDZ Attachment to the hammer (SDS max)) 2
9. GL-11075-50 Copper-clad steel strip GALMAR(30 * 4 mm; wire bundle 50 meters) 2

If you have any questions about grounding the ion collider or other objects, Please, contact the ZANDZ Technical Center!