Product item: ZZ-005-064 

Stainless steel profiled clamp with M10 bolts. It allows to connect a copper-bonded ground pin with a grounding conductor - with a round wire or tape (up to 40 mm wide). It also allows you to connect conductors of different metals such as copper and "black" steel.

Safe use of steel and galvanized conductor is possible - for that purpose, there is a gasket inside the clamp, which prevents formation of galvanochemical connection between steel / zinc and copper of the ground rod.

To prevent loosening of threaded joints "bolt-nut" spring washers are used (Grover washers / grover washers) mounted between the clamping surface and the nut.

Weight: 0,312 kg
Length: 70 mm
Width: 70 mm
Height: 30 mm

Clamp for conductor's connection

Clamp for conductor's connection-2

Clamp for conductor's connection-3


Clamp sketch

Clamp sketch​​​​

Dimensional clamp drawing

Dimensional clamp drawing


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