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Grounding and lightning protection of a TV antenna

Every day our technicians receive many questions about how to do grounding and lightning protection. The questions can be broad, such as "How to protect buildings from lightning," and specific, relating to some particular object, structure or equipment. The visitor of our site Dmitry asked one of these questions on the page "Grounding in a single-family house":

"Good afternoon! Tell me please; is there a need to ground TV antenna boom? The antenna is on the roof of a wooden house".

Having carefully studied the issue, ZANDZ.com technical experts give an answer:

Connecting the antenna boom to the grounding, you will perform the first step on the organization of protection of your house from lightning. In this case, the boom will serve as a lightning rod. For the operation of the entire external lightning protection system, it is necessary to organize a grounding device in the form of three electrodes 3 m long, consisting of coppered pins. The distance between the electrodes must be not less than 5 m from each other. Union of grounding electrodes is carried out by a coppered tape. An air -terminal mast-antenna must be to connected to the grounding device by  two down conductors made of copper-bonded wire with a diameter of 8 mm.

Please note that in case of such a decision, the need for the installation of additional lightning rods to organize a full-fledged external lightning protection and protection of the house from lightning should be studied.

To protect the TV equipment, surge protection device - SPD is used for the protection of analog TV LE-210-030 which is connected to the antenna cable break. Whatever is the decision on the organization of the external lightning protection, internal lightning protection with the help of SPDs for power supply circuits and, as indicated above, the TV signal receiver is carried out. 

A complete lightning protection system is chosen individually based on the size, shape and other features of your house. With this information, we will be happy to carry out all necessary calculations and selection of equipment free of charge, taking into account your requirements and wishes.

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