Innovative products that can make life of modern people more convenient and comfortable are very popular nowadays. One of these innovations in today's homes is an underfloor heating. Such a floor heating system is widespread, and virtually no repair is complete without it. Many apartment owners, who performed repairs on their own, often faced the fact that after installation of the floor, there is an unpleasant tingling sensation after a contact with metal objects. Why do electric shocks arise and how to protect ourselves from its effects?

Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating

Electric shock, in conditions of an underfloor heating is the result of touch of current-carrying system elevements or current leakage through the insulation breakdown. That is such an effect occurs, if security system from the current shock is not installed or the system crashed. So what to do?

Firstly, if there is no protection system, it must be set. Electric floor, like any other system with electrical installation, requires the use of protective devices RCD with the operating current up to 30mA, in direct contact with current-carrying parts of electrical installations, as well as protective grounding when the insulation is damaged.

  • RCD is installed in the switchboard;
  • For grounding it is enough to connect a special wire from the body of the electric element to the ground bus in the switchboard, since all modern electric heating elements of underfloor heatings have a protective metal sheath. If there is no sheath, then a metal mesh, combined into a single system is mounted on top of the heating, then it is connected to the ground bus;
  • if the underfloor heating is installed in a single-family house, it is recommended to perform a separate grounding device, for example with the help of ZZ-6 kit.

Secondly, if the protection system is already installed, but suddenly there appeared a leakage current, it is necessary to localize the breakdown place by evaluating it using special measuring instruments.

We will add that no matter what floors are used in the house, it is necessary to apply potential equalization at the use of electric appliances.

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