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The company Newson Gale from the United States offers simple and easy-to-use solutions for use in areas with explosive substances: chemical plants, refineries, gas stations and so on. One such solution is a device Cen-Stat ™ Static Discharge Reels, designed for removal static discharges. Cen-Stat ™ Static Discharge Reels presents itself a reel with a cable that is pulled from it and connects to the barrel, container or any other object that can accumulate static electricity on its body. In this case the device should be connected to the grounding bus.

Cen-Stat Static Discharge Reels

Connection to the object is carried out quickly and simply - with the help of a metal peg, so the device can be used multiple times with different objects. This is particularly useful, for example, on "stop points" of the conveyor where the objects that need to be "de-energized", don't stay for a long time (eg at the points of filling barrels or object painting). If the device is not used, the cable is easily drawn into the reel and is waiting for their turn.

R-series is a reel painted in blue. A stranded conductor with the diameter of 3.2 mm of galvanized steel coated with reflective yellow coating is wound on the reel. R-series devices are available in different versions, different cable lengths. 

A variant of the device made of stainless steel without coating with a stainless steel cable covered with nylon is also supplied. The device Cen-Stat ™ Static Discharge Reels may be used for grounding and electrical connection of metal objects, ranging from small cans to barrels of 200 liters.

Designated use: Storage tanks and refineries; chemical factories, manufacturing plants; gas stations, construction sites and others.

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